MySQL Connector/ODBC

MySQL Connector/ODBC 8.0

Connect your products to a MySQL database
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Establish a connection between compatible programs on your PC and a MySQL database of your choice. Manually or automatically define a set of function calls, error codes and data types used in order to develop database-independent programs, and save the settings.

MySQL Connector/ODBC 3.5 provides a fast and reliable way for connecting with a MySQL database server via ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity, a standard method to connect a DBMS - DataBase Management System - with the database server).

ODBC is a standard implementation created by Microsoft Corporation, which is aimed at making it independent from database systems and programming languages or products, and at running in any operating system. Sun Microsystems has a similar implementation for Java called JDBC (Java DataBase Connectivity).

For example, with the MySQL Connector for ODBC you can use Microsoft Excel to query the MySQL server and retrieve the necessary data to populate a spreadsheet, or to build a dynamic table. To do this, first you need to configure a DSN (data source name) in the Windows Control Panel, under the "Data Sources (ODBC)" section.
When adding a new DSN, you must specify the connection parameters, like host, user, password, default database to use, and other connection properties.

Review summary


  • You can use ODBC in many applications that support that specification in application programs and DBMS


  • A native connection with a database server supposes less overhead in the connection, and can be faster in some cases
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